How to download and save instagram images and pictures to your device PC and mobiles.

Instagram Images
  • Step 1 : To download an Instagram Image on your device follow the steps.

  • Step 2 : In PC/Laptop open right click on the Image and open it in new tab, in the new tab copy the Image link. OR
    On the App click on the image, on bottom left of the image click on options and select copy the link option.

  • Step 3 : Open in a new tab.

  • Step 4 : Scroll down and open “Download Instagram Images”

  • Step 5 : Paste the Image link you copied earlier into the space provided and click on the next button.

  • Step 6 : On the next page thumbnail of the Image will appear with an option of download image.

  • Step 7 : Click on the active download button and your download will begin.

  • Step 8 : Thank you page, this will be last page of the process giving you an option of downloading a new Image or downloading the same Image again if an error has occurred.